Saint Kate Hotel

Hello beautiful readers! Today I wanna share with you one of the nicest places I’ve stayed.

This place is called Saint Kate Hotel. It’s a new hotel located in downtown Milwaukee, and it recently opened June. It was previously the Intercontinental but now it’s a beautiful art hotel in Milwaukee. Why do I say art hotel? Because that’s what it’s known for! Saint Kate Hotel has around 100 pieces of art, whether it be photography, sculptures or art books—there’s even an art vending machine! Wow, isn’t that amazing?

The Saint Kate hotel has 221 rooms and each floor’s rooms contain a different style of art. I’m not talking about art in picture frames, no. The walls and beds are complete works of art!

The art work is from different artists in the Milwaukee area.

Saint Kate hotel is not only for framed art or sculptures, it is also a place for musicians, dancers, comedians and whatever is inside of the term “art”.

It’s really beautiful that you can spend the night at a museum, because that’s what it is to me. It’s nice to go in there and just appreciate the art, or enjoy the events going on there.

Saint Kate has different spaces that you can spend your evening in.

It could be the delicious pizza place called “Proof Pizza,” or if you feel like having small snacks and GOOD wine, you can checkout Giggly champagne bar—it’s a beautiful sophisticated bar with a lot of pleasant drinks. You could also have famous cocktails and beers in the lobby bar, which I think has a beautiful/unique design.

I had the chance to stay in “the feature” type of room they have and all I have to say is that it is STUNNING. it comes with a record player, a ukulele, and drawing paper so you can draw more and more art. It also offered local snacks and a KING sized bed.

The bathroom was beautiful and I wanted to be in there all the time 😉

We had the chance to order room service, and all I can say is that those pancakes are the best ones I’ve ever had—they were soft and warm and the toppings were perfect. We also had mimosas which were a perfect compliment to the breakfast.

Our stay was very pleasant and we really enjoyed spending time there in our “staycation.” Saint Kate is definitely a place that I want to go to more frequently. I’m ready to return and try all of the crazy & delicious cocktails they have as well as indulge in all of the tasty food the hotel has to offer! Saint Kate hotel joins to other downtown Marcus hotels, including the Pfister Hotel and Hilton City Center.

Saint Kate hotel is at 139 E. Kilbourn AVe.

I’m exited to come back ❤️.

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  1. Es un bello hotel y tengo curiosidad por ir pronto a conocerlo, maravillosas fotos . Felicitaciones

  2. Que bello todo! Need to have a staycation here soon 😍

  3. Me encantan las fotos!!! Demasiado lindo ese hotel, sigan publicando más contenido así por favooor!!

  4. Uff se ve espectacular
    Me gustaría saber las tarifas $ para ir pronto

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